Marine Cargo Ship Carrier

Marine Cargo

Doulton Underwriting have secured a facility to write Marine Cargo Insurance through China Taiping.

We provide cover for physical loss or damage to goods on an:-

    • Annual – adjustable and non-adjustable contracts
    • Open Covers – subject to monthly or quarterly declaration
    • One Offs – single trip or short period covers

    Cover Extensions

    We have a number of cover extensions available including:

      • Physical loss or damage to goods whilst in permanent store
      • Rejection risk cover
      • Exhibition cover
      • Demonstration equipment cover
      • Engineers’ tools
      • Representatives’ samples
      • Cover can be based solely on UK transits or can also include international transits
      • Intercompany sendings
      • Cross voyages
      • Extended transit voyage
      • Concealed damage
      • Installation, Testing And Commissioning

    Cover Applicable

    We will cover UK companies interests for:

    • Your goods as a buyer or seller
    • Shipments going to and from most locations around the World
    • Goods being transported by Sea, Air, Road, Rail and Post
    • Temperature-controlled goods
    • Goods being stored outside normal transit

    What does the cover do?

    Our policies cover physical loss or damage to goods while in transit and can be extended to include physical loss or damage to goods whilst in long term store.

    Logistic companies operate under limited liability and statutes, and their liability in nearly all circumstances will be less than the value of the goods. Consequently our policies can be more appropriate for companies moving goods worldwide and companies holding legal title to goods while in transit.

    Why Choose China Taiping?

    China Taiping have been underwriting in the UK for over 30 years and globally for over 85 years. China Taiping’s underwriting capabilities and products have the following features:

    • Transits limits up to £2,500,000
    • Storage limits up to £5,000,000
    • £350 minimum annual premium
    • £250 premium for individual transits
    • Market-competitive wording
    • £250 is our standard excess

    Claims Settlement
    We aim to provide you with the best Claims Service possible and to do this we have various key contact offices around the world. We also use an extensive network of agents to make sure we provide a fully comprehensive global claims handling service, from notification through to settlement and recovery from carriers, ensuring seamless protection of you and your interests.

    Key Benefits

    Quotations within 2 hours*

    Cover based on Statement of Fact

    Competitive premiums

    All quotes and documents emailed

    All risks dealt with on individual merit by qualified underwriters – no “computer says no” approach to Underwriting

    Outstanding customer service

    In house claims service